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Communion Meditations (2015)

The Lady Will Take It

Originally scheduled for March 29

The story is an old and cherished one within our family. Just after the end of World War II, my father and mother were crossing the southwestern American desert. They stopped at a little restaurant and gift shop in New Mexico. There my father discovered a necklace that he thought my mother would like. He took her over and showed it to her, and she immediately said no. It wasn’t that the necklace wasn’t in fact lovely, it was that it cost $25. That was a lot of money in those days. The two of them wandered onto other things, but as soon as my dad could he went back to the counter. He pointed out the necklace to the clerk, and said, “the lady will take it.”

There are three things about that necklace that I would bring to your attention.

·         First, it was by the standards of the day very costly.

·         Second, by the standards of the day, it was just so much decoration. It was probably overpriced.

·         Most important of all: it was an act of love.

I bring this to your attention today so that, in a small and humble way, you might see the sacrifice of His only Son in this light. For the Father to sacrifice his only begotten son is an extremely costly thing. That most of us recognize. But do you recognize also that on the night after the crucifixion the world would’ve had a reaction like, “what a waste!” It would seem to them that the sacrifice produced little of value. It may even be seen this way today. You can look at this and say God has sacrificed his only Son, and for what purpose? He sacrificed one who has deserved all honor and praise for the sake of one who is a sinner. You can see that from the world’s point of view it makes no sense. And that is the outstanding proof that this is the supreme example of God’s love for us.

Every time my mother wore that necklace, even after my father’s death, she was reminded of his great love for her. My wife now has this necklace; more than ever it is a reminder of love.

So it is with us at communion. Every time we partake, we remember. We remember the price that God the Father paid. We remember how useless it seemed before the resurrection. From the other side of the resurrection we see it as the sign of the greatness and depth of the love of God.

How deep the Father’s love for us

How vast beyond all measure

That he should give his only son

To make a wretch his treasure.

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