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Communion 2009

Blood Pressure

Originally scheduled for June 21

Consider, if you will, the measurement of human blood pressure. First, it is a dual measurement – it measures two things because measuring one is not sufficient. Second, have you noticed that the medical people do this every time you come in? You can go in to be treated for acne and they will still take your blood pressure. Third, it is a diagnostic of other diseases, not a disease in and of itself. You measure blood pressure, but the doctor uses it for many purposes.


Communion is much like that. In its own way it too is a measurement, bearing some resemblance to blood pressure:

It too is a dual measurement – we examine ourselves in both the body and blood.

Like the Apostles, we do it every week. Last week’s results are not sufficient for this week’s examination.

It is a diagnostic – one which allows us to treat conditions such as the hardened heart, the unrepentant mind, hypocrisy and pride.


We said it is a dual measurement of the human soul. Let’s look at each measurement:

We examine ourselves as we partake of his body. We should cast our minds back to the ugly scene of the Crucifixion, and remember that Christ went to that cross voluntarily – because he loves us. We are to show that same love, and the same spirit of sacrifice. We need to examine ourselves in this: is our love shallow, or deep? Are our sacrifices coming from our excess, or from our substance?

We examine ourselves as we remember that the blood he spilled is the blood of the new covenant – a new relationship with God. No longer is God distant from us, up a chain of priests, reachable only with animal sacrifices. The way to God is open, because of Christ’s blood. Are we in such a relationship with God? If not, it’s not his fault.


Measure yourself each week; then act.

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