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Communion 2009

Under His Wings

Originally scheduled for September 6

One of the instincts built into human beings is to seek shelter when threatened. It’s a good thing, but have you noticed that the shelter depends upon the threat? If you are in a lightning storm, you seek shelter which has a lightning rod. If it’s a tornado, you look underground for a storm cellar. If it’s an earthquake, you do the opposite – you want to be outdoors. Indoors or outdoors – it depends upon the threat. But in all cases you seek a shelter which is stronger than you are.


But what if the threat comes from within? Where do you seek shelter from yourself? Where do you hide from problems of your own making?

Some of us simply deny them.

Others treat the symptoms with drugs or alcohol.

Many just blame the problem on someone else.

Surely, though, the answer is just as simple as before: you seek shelter in that which is stronger than you. Denial, drugs and blame simply don’t work, for they too spring from within. You cannot conquer weakness with weakness.


So it is that the Lord tells us that we are to seek shelter in Him:


Psalm 91:4 He will cover you with His pinions, And under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.


His shelter is not just shelter, but care and love. You are sheltered by one who has shown you the ultimate proof of his love – the Cross.


Communion is a memorial of that love and care. When you partake, you confirm that you have accepted that care. You have found the one who is stronger than self, and have taken refuge in him. As you partake, then, remember your own weakness. Then thank him for the love which extended his power even to the worst of sinners. This do, in remembrance.

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