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The Gospel of Luke is ever the favorite of those who prefer the carefully researched collection of testimony to the personal records.  Matthew took things down in tax collector shorthand; Mark got his material from Peter;  John provides the reminiscences of an old man recalling his best friend - but Luke is the scholar who sets things down in order.  Join us, please, in this study of the scholarly, well researched Gospel.

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Luke 1 Why I Believe Concerned in particular with the evidences for Christianity as gathered by Luke. In particular, the evidences for the Incarnation of the Son of God.
Luke 2:1-39 Reactions  The events of the Nativity, examined from the points of view of the participants.
Luke 2:41-52 Lessons Learned  Lessons learned from the incident of Jesus in the Temple at age 12.
Luke 3:1-14 Voice in the Wilderness The message and ministry of John the Baptist - the voice in the wilderness.
Luke 3:15-38 Past, Present, Future  The genealogy of Jesus, the baptism of Jesus, the return of Jesus.
Luke 4:1-13 Satan's Point of View The Temptation in the Wilderness - as seen from Satan's point of view.
Luke 4:14-30 Rejection The Rejection of Christ in his hometown of Nazareth.
Luke 4:31-44 Example of Christ  Lessons taken from the example of Christ and those who followed him.
Luke 5:1 -- 26 working faith Fishers of Men
Luke 5:27 -- 39 the call of Christ The Call of Christ - to Levi (Matthew) and to us.
Luke 6:1 -- 16 Lord of the Sabbath The Lordship of Christ, and our obiligations in hospitality.
Luke 6:17 -- 49 sermon on the plain  Loving and praying for your enemies; forgiveness and obedience.
Luke 7:1 -- 10 authority and faith The Centurion of great faith.
Luke 7:11 -- 35 on doubt The widow of Nain; dealing with the doubt of John the Baptist; Wisdom's children.
Luke 7:36 -- 50 the other woman The sinful woman anoints the feet of Christ.
Luke 8:1 -- 18 mirror images The parable of the soils and the sower.
Luke 8:19 -- 39 where is your faith? The great divide which comes because of Christ; Christ's power over all things, physical and spiritual.
Luke 8:40 -- 56 healing on the way The woman with the issue of blood; Jairus, the synagogue ruler.
Luke 9:1 -- 27 church growth Who do you say that I am; self denial; sending the twelve; feeding the five thousand.
Luke 9:28 -- 36 the Transfiguration The scene of the Transfiguration - and its meaning to Christians today.
Luke 9:37 -- 62 five easy pieces The Kingdom of God: Its foundation. Greatness in the kingdom. Ins and outs, Its purpose, Its primacy.
Luke 10:1 -- 24 Carnival man Jesus sends out the seventy as his advance men.
Luke 10:25 -- 37 compassion The Good Samaritan; the greatest commandment.
Luke 10:38 -- 42 many things The story of Mary and Martha.
Luke 11:1 -- 13 on prayer The alternate, shorter form of the Lord's Prayer.
Luke 11:14 -- 36 self reliance Jesus casts out a demon - and teaches on the great divide: for Him or against Him?
Luke 11:37 -- 54 the Pharisees  A private encounter with the Pharisees.
Luke 12:1 -- 31 contentment The art of contentment in the Christian experience
Luke 12:32 -- 48 the King is coming The Return of Christ.
Luke 12:49 -- 59 fire on earth  Signs of the end times - and what to do about them.
Luke 13 small beginnings  Teachings concerning church growth - and hypocrisy.
Luke 14:1 -- 24 kitchen talk Various teachings from the banquet circuit.
Luke 14:25 -- 35 construction zone Christ discourses on the total commitment required to be his disciple.
Luke 15 eyes of mercy The Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, and the Prodigal Son.
Luke 16:1 -- 15 poor management The Parable of the Unjust Steward.
Luke 16:16 -- 18 on divorce Christ's teaching on the subject of divorce, in particular in light of the immuatability of God's law.
Luke 16:19 -- 31 two rich men The story of lazarus and the Rich Man. Compare and contrast Abraham with Dives.
Luke 17:1 -- 10 millstones Christ discourses on the stumbling blocks and faith.
Luke 17:11 -- 19 leprosy and glory Christ heals ten lepers; only one returns to give thanks and glory to God
Luke 17:20 -- 37 within you Christ's teaching on the Kingdom of God and the timing of his second coming.
Luke 18:1 -- 17 man, woman and child The unjust judge; the tax collector and the Pharisee; the little children.
Luke 18:18 -- 43 principles on the road The rich young ruler; prophecy of the death and resurrection of Christ; blind Bartimaeus.
Luke 19:1 -- 27 last stop on the road The story of Zaccheus and the parable of the ten minas.
Luke 19:29 -- 48 triumphal entry The triumphal entry into Jerusalem; cleansing the Temple; weeping over Jerusalem
Luke 20:1 -- 26 by what authority? The Authority of Jesus; the parable of the vineyard and Owner; Render unto Caesar - church and state.
Luke 20:27 -- 48 reasons  Christ discourses on the resurrection of the dead.
Luke 21:1 -- 4 Little is much The Story of the Widow's Mites
Luke 21:5 -- 38 prophecy The Olivet Discourse as Luke records it.
Luke 22:1 -- 20 the  new covenant The New Covenant established by our Lord at the Last Supper
Luke 22:21 -- 62 weakness of man  Peter's denial, the disciples asleep and Judas' betrayal
 Luke 22:63 -- 23:25  the trials The various trials of Jesus before the Crucifixion.
Luke 23:26 -- 56 seven reactions The reactions of seven sets of people - the women, the rulers, the soldiers, the thieves, the Centurion, Joseph of Arimathea and Simon of Cyrene - to the Crucifixion.
Luke 24 he is not here The Resurrection.

These lessons were originally delivered 2004 - 2006. The audio recordings for the first sixteen lessons have been lost; starting with Where Is Your Faith? audio is available for each lesson, with some exceptions.