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It is fitting that modern Christians - who somehow seem to have fewer hours in their days than of old - should study the Gospel of Mark.  His is the shortest;  his is the one which conveys the sense of action.  His also is the corrective of too little time:  for his portrays the Suffering Servant, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Mark 1:1 -- 8 John the Baptist Jesus begins his ministry with a baptism by John the Baptist
Mark 1:9 -- 15 baptism of Christ  The baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist.
Mark 1:14 -- 21 how greedy a thing How greedy a thing is fishing. Jesus calls his first disciples from their nets.
Mark 1:15 -- 43 example of Christ  The example of Christ, as shown in casting out evil spirits and the reaction he gets.
Mark 2 authority of Jesus  The authority of Jesus. That Jesus Christ does indeed have the authority to forgive sins.
Mark 3 reaction to Jesus  Reactions to Jesus. Various reactions to the miracle working of Jesus Christ.
Mark 4:1 -- 34 parabolic flight Parabolic flight: Jesus gives several parables, including the parable of the sower.
Mark 4:35 -- 41 uses of adversity  The uses of adversity: Jesus calls the storm on the sea of Galilee.
Mark 5 ask -- you shall receive Ask-you shall receive: Jesus casts out the spirit named Legion.
Mark 6:1 -- 13 roses grow best  Roses grow best when set in manure. Sending out the Twelve.
Mark 6:14 -- 29 three sinners Three sinners: Herod, Herodias, Salome. The execution of John the Baptist.
Mark 6:32 -- 56 hard hearts Hardness of heart: feeding the 5000.
Mark 7:1 -- 30 unclean Unclean: the hypocrisy of the Pharisees in keeping the letter of the law but not the spirit. The Phoenician woman.
Mark 8 three Views  Three views of Christ. The feeding of the 4000, the Pharisees ask for a sign, who do you say that I am.
Mark 9:1 -- 16 the Transfiguration The Transfiguration. Before the three closest disciples, Christ is transfigured.
Mark 9:14 -- 50 faith, humility and care Faith, humility and care; arguing about the greatest, everything is possible, whoever is not for us is against us.
Mark 10:1 -- 12 on divorce On divorce: Jesus teaches that divorce is acceptable only in the case of adultery.
Mark 10:13 -- 52 entrance exam  Blessing the little children; the rich young ruler; James and John ask to be first in the kingdom; Blind Bartimaeus
Mark 11:1 -- 12 triumphal entry The triumphal entry: Jesus presents himself to the Jews as their King.
Mark 11:12 -- 33 wrath of God The wrath of God: Jesus curses the victory, cleanses the Temple, and answers the Pharisees concerning his authority.
 Mark12 accusation and defense The parable of the vineyard, render unto Caesar, the great Commandment, David calls him Lord, the widows mite
Mark 13 right questions  Prophecy concerning the end times and the destruction of the Temple.
Mark 14:1 -- 11 Aroma Aroma: a woman anoints Christ's feet; the Pearl of great price.
Mark 14 betrayal The betrayal of Christ by Judas.
Mark 14 The Lord's supper The Lord's supper and the garden of Gethsemane.
Mark :1 -- 15 Pontius Pilate  Pontius Pilate; and examination of his character as one who means well feebly.
Mark 15:16 -- 47 crucifixion  The crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Mark 16:1 -- 11 women at the tomb The women at the tomb: he is not here, he is risen.
Mark 16:12 -- 27 good news Jesus appears to be 11; the ascension; the great commission.

These lessons were originally delivered in 2001-2002.