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This, by all standards of teaching, should be a lousy series of lessons.

HOWEVER - we were required to deliver the lesson as announced in the quarterly ("unified curriculum" - also called "unfried" curriculum).  But we didn't have to use the rather trite set of comments which passed for a lesson.  So we didn't. 

There are some unusual studies in here.  Since you're here, and you have some time on your hands, browse around.  You never know what you find in the attic of the mind.

Spiritual Warfare Balaam, the hireling prophet - a man so busy with himself he didn't notice that the donkey could talk.
The Cycle of Sin II Chronicles 34 - the life of Josiah, a godly king of Judah.
Esther A study of the character of Esther.
Vanity Ecclesiastes 2. The Vanity of Life
On The Scripture Jehoiakim - an essay on the word of God.
Mother of Jesus Mary, the mother of Jesus
Rebels Luke 15:25-32 The Prodigal Son - and his older brother.
Fishers of Men Life of Peter, the fisher of men
Magic and Christ The Sorcerer Bar-Jesus, Acts 13
Being First A study in 3rd John - the failings of a man named Diotrophes, who would be first, and was therefore last.
Mary Magdalene John 20:11-18. The story of Mary Magdalene

These lessons were originally delivered in 1994.