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Single Lessons

Every now and then you need to teach a lesson which is not part of a longer series.  It's useful when you know you're starting a "church wide" series in another week and you need something to fill in.  So - here are some individual lessons, one week only, for your use.

Scriptural Studies

  • 3rd John - Dealing with a solid Christian and an ambitious one.
  • Jude - A stern warning from the brother of our Lord, very similar to 2nd Peter. Often ignored today, it is another warning concerning false leaders and teachers in the church.
  • Philemon - At one lesson, it is much too short. But it is the letter which drips of Christian courtesy.
  • Psalm 91 - Under His Wings - proclaiming the fortress of God.
  • What Right - Psalm 50 - what right do the wicked have to claim the covenant of God?

Topical Studies

  • Solomon's Advice - what the wisest king of ancient times would have to say to our leader today.
  • History of the English Bible - the struggle to get a Bible in English, and to keep it as Scripture rather than Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.
  • Modesty - a lesson on the topic oriented to older Christians. 
  • How to Have an A+ Preacher - some folks didn't like this lesson.  Some folks didn't like the preacher either. 
  • Homosexual Marriage - logical reasons to oppose homosexual marriage which can be used with non-Christians.

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