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On Wealth and Poverty


Of all the studies done in this class, this may be the most disturbing.  Most Christians don't want you to talk about their checkbook.  they certainly don't want to hear about it in the context of Lazarus and the rich man.

Our Lord, however, was quite verbose about it.  These lessons were taken (actually, stolen rather unabashedly) from the greatest preacher the church has ever known:  John Chrysostom.  Count the cost before you enter on this study;  this series may unsettle you.

Lazarus  Lazarus and the rich man, lesson one. The temptations of Lazarus and how he rose above them.
Stewardship The curious behavior of the rich man, both in life and in death.
Rich Man's Request An examination of the requests by the rich man and their implications on life for Americans today.

These lessons were originally delivered in 1998